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About Us

     Welcome to OUR page! You are probably wondering why the company is called “I Do Ceremonies” and this page is titled “About Us.” My name is Nicole. I have been married to my husband for ten years. I have learned that through marriage, it is about “we” and “us,” not “I.” You and your spouse may have different interests and hobbies that you can enjoy separately at times.. However, when you venture out and start a business or new undertaking, the project belongs to the both of you, as a team. Marriage is teamwork. You need to support one another in each of your individual goals by making an effort to pick up the pieces while your spouse is reaching toward those goals. Hence, I decided to name this page “About Us….”even though “I Do” the ceremonies. 😉

     Now that you know I was once a bride too, you might want to know why I decided to get involved in an endeavor such as uniting a couple in marriage.  Being an educator for almost twenty years, I have had the opportunity to see many children start their educational careers teaching primary elementary grades.. It is an honor to be a part of their journey as a student and eventually a future employee. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in some of my nieces’ and nephews’ wedding planning in the past, some of which you might see featured on our website! It is a joy to see the beginning of a new love! I am truly blessed to be a part of your creation of ONE love filled with a future of laughter, loyalty and a long-term commitment. 

     I Do Ceremonies is dedicated to making your ceremony as special as your relationship. We offer many different ways to make your day as intimate as you wish. Your ceremony can be simple or comprehensive. Whatever you decide as a couple, we will definitely make it special and memorable! All elements of your ceremony will be decided together with your “spouse to be” and myself.. We will ensure all parts of the ceremony planning are decided prior to the big day to avoid any undue stress, even down to the attire of your newly-hired wedding officiant. Our wedding officiant, Nicole, is ordained through Universal Life Church Ministries. Please contact me and say “I Do” to create your memorable day. Let’s transform your relationship from TWO into ONE.  Help ME  to make YOUR forever “we.”